Tracy Catering Organization

August 2, 2015 - Event Catering

It is extremely important for a catering company to be organized when they begin to process, cook, and delivery multiple large catering orders on the same day.  Tracy catering company, serving the Modesto, Stockton, Livermore, and Tracy regions in the San Joaquin area does just that.  From the first time you call in your catering inquiry (be it for a wedding catering, memorial catering, event catering, office catering, or just a small home party catering) Tracy catering company creates a file for you so when you call back we can always pull up your file and answer your questions for your upcoming order or make changes as needed quickly and efficiently.  After you have decided to book your catering order with us the order is sent to the chefs and office staff to begin planning for it.  First we reserve any servers or staff you need as well as rentals so there is no chance that we can’t deliver.  Whatever caterer you choose, make sure that they do this as the last thing you want is to get a call the day before saying the server you booked isn’t available or the rental didn’t come in.  Another major advantage we have begin so large in the industry is we have the ability to make last minute changes you need happen.  Tracy Catering Company works very hard everyday to make sure every customer is delighted with their order and everything goes exactly as planned. We are easily reachable by phone and email all hours of the day.  A catering company with attention to detail and simplicity is key in a excellent catering order experience.